Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body Diet: The Slow Carb Diet

May 25, 11 Tim Ferriss’ 4-Hour Body Diet: The Slow Carb Diet

I just managed to get hold of Tim Ferriss‘ latest book, The 4-Hour Body, from a friend. I have read his first book, The Four Hour Work Week, before and I thought it was quite an unconventional way to look at things. And thus, I was pretty excited to take a look at what he has to say about the human body. Basically, it was about reaching the peak performance of the human body, and he segregates it into Fat loss, Building muscle, Improving sex (definitely a core indicator 😛 ), Perfecting sleep, and many other topics.

Just 5 years ago, I was 68kg. At the peak of my physical health due to my physical activities, busyness of schedule, and basically just the lifestyle I had. Unfortunately, I am currently 80kg and lifestyle has definitely changed to one of a typical white collar worker.

So when he mentioned the concept of Slow Carb diet, it made some sense, since it was not new information to me. Things about taking low glycemic index foods so that your body stores less fat due to insulin reaction are already concepts I knew. The biggest difference I got was that he managed to get his father to lose from 245lbs (111kg) to 203lbs (92kg) in 3 months with no additional change in physical activity. Just because of a switch of eating habits from typical diets to a slow carb diet. Now that got me thinking. How much of my excess fats can be trimmed using just a clean up of diet?

Of course, physical activity does make a difference. Eventually his father reached 186lbs (84kg) after 6 months on the program. One of the biggest problems with diets is the sticking factor. The ability to make permanent lifestyle change to a person. Else, the weight will eventually come back on again. The slow carb diet does seem like a diet that makes it easy to stick to.

Basically he has 5 main rules.

1) Avoid “White” Carbohydrates
2) Eat the same few meals over and over again
3) Don’t drink calories
4) Don’t eat fruit
5) Take one day off a week

I can do that!


I have decided to embark on the diet as on Monday 30th May. Just as a test of how effective this can be. I would not be increasing my physical exercise significantly. Probably just some of the stuff I have been doing for the last few months already. The last time I went to the gym, was easily 6-8 months ago.

One of the main points he keeps repeating is to increase protein and legumes. I’m generally okay with that, but food choices in Singapore would be quite limited, since its all about noodles and rice in Singapore. More updates to come!

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  1. Mohd Khair Mohd /

    How did it go, my fellow singaporean slow carber?


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