Quick thoughts on Nicole Seah’s rally speech

Apr 29, 11 Quick thoughts on Nicole Seah’s rally speech

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Just some of my personal opinions. I have to say I am a little bias. I don’t think people below 28 years should be an election candidate. I believe they should serve in the grassroots or town councils for a couple of years first, because thats the only way to truly experience the ground. I watched the video 3 times. On the first glance, Nicole Seah seemed like a very angsty youth. Something like a JC counsellor type with a prepared speech. Some of the points she raised are rather superficial, such as the ‘fear’ of PAP, wealth of Singapore belongs to Singaporeans, foreigners in public areas and basically all kinds of emotional topics. These are the kinds of topics where uncles sitting around in coffee shops will discuss and rant. There seems to be quite a fair bit of false emotions, used for the purpose of rousing the crowd. This is especially when she goes from loud strong voice to giggles and smirks. But I would say her presentation skill to drive emotional points across is good, as well as her well prepared speech. Running through the sequence of her speech, she started by saying this election is not about the renewal of PAP, or any other party, but it is for Singaporeans to stand up and choose what is right for your country. A very good opener I would say. Her next point is that PM Lee said that the elections is not ‘masak masak’, and then she mentions how NSP understands that and doesn’t change team members on the whim, unlike PAP which did a last minute swap of candidate in Tampines and Tanjong Pagar. Quite a frivolous point in my opinion, but it does rouse up supporter’s emotion.   Nicole then mentioned that she read the PAP manifesto and that PM Lee said that voters in wards won by opposition cannot expect the same improvements promised by PAP. I went to look at PAP’s manifesto and I couldn’t find it, although I would admit...

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