Chill out at the historical town of Melaka Day 2

Sep 12, 13 Chill out at the historical town of Melaka Day 2

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Day 2 of the Melaka trip would be the a large bulk of it, since day 1 is spent travelling up, and day 3 is spend travelling down. Day 2 itinerary: Hotel buffet breakfast Massage Mall roaming Bert’s Garden Wings Music Cafe Hotels nowadays tend to exclude buffet breakfast, which is largely a good thing in my opinion, since most of the time if I’m on holiday, I don’t wake up early enough for breakfast, or I would prefer to get local food off the streets. Hatten hotel provides buffet breakfast though, and since our group is quite a mix group, it’s a way to just eat together and chit chat. Which was a good thing though. The buffet spread was one of the biggest I’ve seen for breakfast! To a point it almost looked like lunch to me. There’s cheese, cold cut meat, yogurt and salads for those who eat light. There’s buns, toasts, pastries, puffs for those who needs their flour products. There’s pancakes and waffles, and there’s a porridge station for those who want a light meal. On top of that, there were numerous hot dish stations, such as a roti prata station, an entire row of spread which has nasi lemak, prawn paste chicken, fried kway teow, and many more. In my opinion, this just makes the hotel stay more worth while. We went down for breakfast at 8am, and we only left at 10.30am. Of course, I skipped lunch after that. After breakfast, it was more or less free and easy. Some of us went to do some light shopping, some of us went to chill at the hotel pool, while some of us went for massages. I was intending to get a massage right after, but I figured it might not be so good to do a massage right after a heavy meal. So I decided to just venture around the shop houses, mainly to let the food digest a bit, as well as to take some photos. One thing I’ve...

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Spa Infinity @ Far East Shopping Centre (Orchard)

Sep 03, 13 Spa Infinity @ Far East Shopping Centre (Orchard)

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I have always loved going for massages. They say, humans generally like touches, and who wouldn’t love being served like a VIP? Massages to me, have many uses, such as sports massage when you went for a intense gym workout, or a relaxing massage, when you just have too much on your mind and you just want to destress for that 1 hour. Other than Refresh Day Spa, one of the few spa places I really liked is Spa Infinity. While they are a little bit more pricey than Refresh, they are generally considered a full facilities spa.  That is, besides just massage rooms, they have a full range of facilities. There are less than 5 of such spas in Singapore that I know of.. Do you know of any? Located at the basement of Far East Shopping Centre, getting to the entrance is sort of a quirk. You actually have to go to the basement level, exit the mall into the car park area, and across you would see the Spa entrance. However, once you enter the spa, it’s a totally different environment. Nice dim lighting, soothing atmosphere, and friendly staff definitely brings your mood at ease. After exchanging your identity and signing in, you get a locker key. Going to the changing room, you can see the difference between a typical massage place. There’s rows of lockers, a sauna, a steam room and even a jacuzzi! I would suggest even going 1 hour earlier than your specified massage timing, just to use the facilities. I suppose soaking in the jacuzzi before an oil massage would help open up the pores? After that, you go out to the lounge area to wait for your locker number to be called. There’s a little cafe where you can get some bites, or even a TV lounge area with some plush recliner chairs for you to sink into. The massage itself wasn’t that great though. A typical sized treatment room, decent quality towels and oil. In general,...

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Refresh Day Spa – A quick review

Mar 28, 11 Refresh Day Spa – A quick review

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Okay I admit. I got scammed by a spa package before. None other than the infamous True Spa. Fortunately, I only bought a $1500 package then, and already used a substantial amount of it. Phew. However, massages and foot reflexology are some of the few simple luxuries available for the stressed out Singaporean. And of course, being a stressed out Singaporean, I need to find alternatives ASAP! Fortunately, I hold a couple of credit cards. Credit cards typically have massage promotions available in the monthly brochures. But because I had a package previously, I did not really pay attention to the promotions available. Most of the time, the promotions are only for first time customer. However, there are quite a number of them which state that if you have not visited them in the last 6 months, you’re eligible for the promotion too. Times must be bad! The promotions are typically $20-40 for a 60 minute massage. Besides the hassle of the sales pitch that you have to sit through, why should a person sign up for a package that charges $50-80 for a massage if there are limitless first time trials that a person can go to? You have to note, this was before the days when the deal websites like groupon got popular. Prior to discovering Refresh Day Spa, I was actually going to the Refresh Bodyworks near my house for their foot reflexology. One of the things I liked about it is the consistency of service at a fairly decent price. Even for non-members, it’s ~$30  for 40 minutes of foot reflexology. If I’m not wrong, this is cheaper than some of the other foot reflexology places around Singapore. So then, I found out they are expanding into the day spa concept. And just so nicely too, since their day spa at Far East Plaza is very very near my workplace! I dropped them a visit, did a $28 for 60 minute massage trial, and then I decided to sign up a...

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