Singapore sits moodily atop wealth pole

Dec 29, 11 Singapore sits moodily atop wealth pole

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Haven’t posted anything for quite a while, but this is worth keeping. Sunday, Dec 25, 2011 The Business Times Last month, if Singapore had been a person, it would have stood above the unwashed tableau of Occupy Wall Street (OWS), watching from its penthouse and laughing into its cognac. But it has spent the year being a little down in the mouth, preoccupied with property prices, taxi fares and faulty trains. This gloom is hard to explain in the grander scheme of things. When OWS’s gross simplification of the one per cent trampling on the 99 per cent is contemplated, Singapore is practically part of the world’s one per cent. This is a country where, every single day, 25 people bought either a Mercedes-Benz or a BMW for the first 11 months of the year.  In the same period, every four days, someone drove away from the Ferrari showroom with a big smile on his face. (One assumes that, each time, it’s a different person.) When it comes down to it, Singapore can be almost as Wall Street as Wall Street. Last year, 8.5 per cent of New York City’s workforce was on the payroll of the finance and insurance industries. Singapore had about 6.4 per cent of its resident population on it, while Hong Kong had 6 per cent. If a demonstrator with anti-banking invective to expend were to imagine the two as corporate entities – which is not hard – he would therefore be more inclined to picket Singapore than Hong Kong. “One per cent” might be a dirty term these days, but would-be picketers here have to be careful about calling others names that might apply to themselves. On a per-adult basis, Singapore has the sixth highest net wealth in the world: a mean value of US$284,692, according to the Credit Suisse Global Wealth Databook 2011. “Net wealth” here is defined by a person’s financial and real estate assets minus debt. The mean value, however, gets short shrift from experts, since...

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Getai facination

Aug 24, 10 Getai facination

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Chinese culture has always been one full of glamour, colour and vividness. Just take a look at Lunar New Year celebrations, Mid Autumn festival, Hungry Ghost month, and even simple things like Wedding banquets. There’s always lots of colours, bright lights, massive crowds, and tons of noise. In all, a sense of bustling joyous activity. Being the hungry ghost month currently, there are actually 5-10 ‘getais’ happening daily around Singapore. You would probably need to buy the chinese newspapers to get the schedule and location though. These ‘getais’ or literally, song stage, are a form of free performances done for the ‘brothers and sisters’ who are released from the spirit realm during the hungry ghost month. But that said, it is always packed with people too! Recently I have a sudden craving for these performances. The friendly banter among the emcees, the dances and hokkien songs, the bright lights and  the large bustling crowds  somehow create a kind of atmosphere that’s different from say a music festival organised for the young adult crowd. Don’t understand? Just watch...

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