Kiseki @ Heeren

Aug 26, 10 Kiseki @ Heeren

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Finally managed to try Kiseki!. I probably heard of this buffet joint 2 months back when it first opened. Basically, I understand it’s opened by the same group of owners as Shokudo Japanese Bazaar (at Raffles City). The main difference is that for Shokudo, you walk around with your card to charge it to your card. Whereas for Kiseki, it’s buffet style! I went for the weekday dinner one, which is pretty decent at $29. The weekend dinner is slightly more expensive at $35. And I figure if I had to pay $35, I would much rather go to the higher end joints like Hanabi, which would be fairly similar in pricing anyway. One thing I really like about the place is the seating arrangement. It’s fairly similar to Shokudo and marche, where food stalls are scattered everywhere, and the tables are located closer to the sides. Somehow, the place don’t look as crowded this way. Perhaps it’s because it was a weekday night.   Food wise, not exactly the most fantastic quality, but definitely not lousy food. Initially, I had fairly low expectations, after reading the various reviews at HungryGoWhere.. But after our first round of food servings, the quality was actually quite decent! Fairly decent variety of food. Some of the foods are probably cheap fillers, but there were enough ‘core’ food to make the buffet worthwhile. The desserts are average. Not too much on the cakes and pastries selection. I quite like the waffles and ice cream though. Overall, I think I would definitely give them another visit! If you guys are free, weekdays lunch seem to be a good bargain at...

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