Suzie Q and Toby J @ SG Pole Challenge 2011

Jun 13, 11 Suzie Q and Toby J @ SG Pole Challenge 2011

In 1 line, SG Pole Challenge was amazing! Suzie Q and Toby J was amazing!

As mentioned in my earlier blog post, SG Pole Challenge was held over the weekend at Iluma, Tornado-Se7en. It was actually quite an interesting venue. It was a segmented portion of Tornado, which is kind of like an entertainment zone with arcades and what not. So it had a high ceiling, which allowed a feeling of spaciousness compared to the usual drinking venues.

The theme for the event is Goth, so most of the costumes and performances were tuned towards that direction.


The judges were fantastic! Very poised and professional. Suzie Q and Toby J were both judges and performers for the event!


There were actually 2 more judges, 1 from the International Pole Dance Fitness Association, and 1 from Prime Gym. Unfortunately I couldn’t get them all into the photo. And I shall blame it all on my ancient camera.

The performers for the event sure had loads of fun!


and definitely all this would not be possible without The Fairy Goth Mother Ming (also known as Suzie Wong), the founder of Acropolates!


Enjoy the teaser!


  1. Thanks for the wonderful post 🙂

  2. Fergus /

    No problems! It is but the truth 🙂 It was a nice event!

    I can pass you the bigger photos if you want.. Just pass me your email via the contact link above!

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