Skipping the queues of EZlink top up at MRT stations

Jun 08, 11 Skipping the queues of EZlink top up at MRT stations

I Finally did it! I applied for EZ-Reload for my ezlink card. Before the new CEPAS compliant cards came out, auto top ups were actually very common. You basically go to the ticketing machines, link it up to your bank account via giro, and they will do the transfer  every time the fare card goes below a certain amount.

However, EZlink got greedy, and they started charging a $0.25 ‘convenience’ fee for this service. Seriously, is it necessary?

Then, we migrated to the new CEPAS system adopted by the Singapore Government to allow for more players in the industry. In comes NETS Flash Pay. Essentially, it is a competitor product by NETS into the contactless micropayment space. But given the way things are in Singapore, it’s probably not going to change much for a duopoly.

In any case, I found out that the POSB Everyday Card has a 2% rebate for EZ-Reload. So basically what this means is that if you top up $50, you get $1 in rebate. Deducting off the convenience fee of $0.25, you would actually earn $0.75!

Applying for EZ-Reload actually took me less than 5 mins of my time:

1) Go to the EZ-Reload website and apply for EZ-Reload by card.

2) Enter in your details, in particular, your credit card number and your EZlink card number.

3) Wait for an acknowledgement email or sms (This takes 2-3 business days however)

4) Go to a General Ticketing Machine in the MRT stations to activate the EZ-Reload.

5) Tada! You’re done!

Pretty simple stuff.

So why wouldn’t you use auto top up?


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