Sights, shopping and massage in Bangkok – Day 5

Aug 04, 11 Sights, shopping and massage in Bangkok – Day 5

Without knowing, it is the final day of the Bangkok trip. Since we have to get to the airport in the evening, the program for today was very light. A maiden visit to Bangkok’s highest restaurant was decided on, with the rest of the afternoon kept for final shopping at platinum mall.

Bangkok Sky Restaurant is located on the 76th and 78th floor of Baiyoke Sky Hotel, which is really walking distance from Platinum Mall. My hotel was rather far at Asoke, so taxi was probably the best way for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFood wise, it was really quite underwhelming. The standard finger foods, 1 station for japanese sushi/sashimi, 1 station for pad thai, 1 station for pasta (which is probably one of the better choices), 1 station for thai noodles, 1 station for grilled meats, and the usual dessert and beverage booth. But I guess for 840baht, the view makes it worthwhile.


They also had balloon entertainers walking around to make complimentary balloon shapes to entertain the kids. I felt that was a refreshing thing to see since most of the crowd tend to be tourists and tourists just like to be entertained.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe views from the 78th floor were great!



In the 3rd pic, the dark green patch in the middle-left of the picture close to the horizon is Chatuchak

In the 4th pic, Amari watergate, Platinum mall, Central world is right at your doorstep!

No matter, as long as you taper your expectations about the food, it is actually fairly decent. The views more than make up for it. In fact, you can go to the 84th floor, which is a revolving open air rooftop with a view of the entire bangkok horizon!

With that, it was time to head back to Singapore and to earn money to fly back to Bangkok again! :o)

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