Sights, shopping and massage in Bangkok – Day 2

Aug 02, 11 Sights, shopping and massage in Bangkok – Day 2

Day 2 of the Bangkok trip is basically the typical holiday itinerary for Bangkok. Tailoring for guys, followed by Pratunam area (or more specifically Platinum Fashion Mall) for shopping, followed by a sumptuous Chinatown sharks fin seafood dinner.

There was quite a few tailors recommended on HardwareZone Forums, namely Boss Avenue, Crown, Pinky and a few others. Since I was nearer to Nana/Asoke area, I decided to try Boss Avenue and Crown, since they were quite well known and easy to find. You could practically see the signboard for Boss Avenue from the BTS! I’ll probably write a longer post about the clothing quality after I have worn it for 2-3 weeks, but at this moment, I quite prefer Boss Avenue’s cutting and cloth type. Although I have to say, Boss Avenue tends to stick with the common and safe cloth selections. So nothing fanciful for sure.

Next is the compulsory visit to Platinum fashion mall in the Pratunam area. Platinum mall is kind of like a bigger version of bugis village, where fledgling blogshops like to get their stock from. The clothes aren’t exactly dirt cheap, but they do have a large range of designs and styles! If you are travelling in an all-guys group, feel free to skip this!

Pratunam is essentially a shopping region. In fact, Pratunam is so popular with Singaporeans, that most of the time, they stay in the hotels around that area, such as Amari watergate or Metz Pratunam. One of the main reason is that Pratunam is actually some distance away from Chit Lom BTS(the nearest BTS), and having a hotel nearby would be helpful if you are lugging 5 plastic bags of purchases.

For those staying in other parts of Bangkok such as Sukhumvit or Silom, the easiest way is probably to take the BTS to Chit Lom, walk pass Central World, across the bridge and there you are. A short little 10 minutes walk.


The last destination for the day is Chinatown for the ‘cheap’ seafood! It’s not exactly ‘cheap’ cheap, since tourist tend to flock to the area. It’s probably how foreigners to Singapore see Boat Quay and Newton hawker center.


I wasn’t exactly keen on sitting along the roadside while paying good money for food, so I managed to find a little ‘hole in the wall’ restaurant that had an air-conditioned upper floor!


I figured that if prices were similar, how much worse can seafood turn out right?

Turns out it was a good choice!


Compared to the overcrowded restaurant next door with people sitting on small stools, there was only 2 other tables occupied in our nice air-conditioned dining area! Food was really good too! The customary claypot of sharksfin, scrambled egg with crabmeat, prawns fried with garlic, black pepper sea bass fillet, beef in oyster sauce and crab vermicelli. Best! Definitely a meal fit for a king. It wasn’t particularly cheap, not that we expected it would be anyway. 1500 baht or around S$60 for 2 pax. It almost felt like an exclusive meal with almost no other guests around.

After dinner, we took a walk around the dark and quiet streets of Chinatown, before we decided it was too spooky and flagged a cab back to civilisation. It’s scary how desolated and uninhabited the place can be after dark. *shudders*


Day 3 would be the highlight of the entire trip! Siam Park City!





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