Refresh Day Spa – A quick review

Mar 28, 11 Refresh Day Spa – A quick review

Okay I admit. I got scammed by a spa package before. None other than the infamous True Spa. Fortunately, I only bought a $1500 package then, and already used a substantial amount of it. Phew. However, massages and foot reflexology are some of the few simple luxuries available for the stressed out Singaporean. And of course, being a stressed out Singaporean, I need to find alternatives ASAP!

Fortunately, I hold a couple of credit cards. Credit cards typically have massage promotions available in the monthly brochures. But because I had a package previously, I did not really pay attention to the promotions available. Most of the time, the promotions are only for first time customer. However, there are quite a number of them which state that if you have not visited them in the last 6 months, you’re eligible for the promotion too. Times must be bad! The promotions are typically $20-40 for a 60 minute massage. Besides the hassle of the sales pitch that you have to sit through, why should a person sign up for a package that charges $50-80 for a massage if there are limitless first time trials that a person can go to?

You have to note, this was before the days when the deal websites like groupon got popular.

refreshdayspaPrior to discovering Refresh Day Spa, I was actually going to the Refresh Bodyworks near my house for their foot reflexology. One of the things I liked about it is the consistency of service at a fairly decent price. Even for non-members, it’s ~$30  for 40 minutes of foot reflexology. If I’m not wrong, this is cheaper than some of the other foot reflexology places around Singapore.

So then, I found out they are expanding into the day spa concept. And just so nicely too, since their day spa at Far East Plaza is very very near my workplace! I dropped them a visit, did a $28 for 60 minute massage trial, and then I decided to sign up a package. Haha, I guess the previous scam didn’t teach me anything! Fortunately, they have small packages, and I got a $1200 for 30 sessions, which works out to be $40 per session. Very decent for a package deal! You can actually use the session for a 40min foot reflexology + 40min back massage at all their other Refresh outlets too. So that’s $40 for 80 mins of luxury!

refreshinteriorNow, this isn’t one of your lavish spas you see around. There isn’t expensive decor, plush seats, large shower rooms, and floods of ”spa consultants’. This is more of your minimalistic foot reflexology centers extended into a spa. You get what you see; comfortable massage beds, clean rooms, decent tea, competent masseurs and the ever friendly consultants. Of course, one of the most important factors is that the booking line is easy to get through!

For one, you’re not going to get young babes or muscular hunks providing massage service, but hey, at that kind of price point, all’s good!

While there is only 1 day spa outlet at the moment, there are numerous foot reflexology centers run by them. I guess the risk of me getting scammed the 2nd time should be much lower.

I’m not asked/paid to write this entry. But I figure that good things must share. You can visit their facebook page to find out more. If you decide to sign a package however, try mentioning that Fergus told you about this place. Haha! You might get an additional free session for your package. Only for the Far East branch though. No guarantees though.

PS: Feel free to use their first time trial massage voucher on their website too!

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  1. Nie =p /

    Sounds good.. but then.. I wld rather lugi that few bucks for not being a part of their VIPs.. then losing a lump sum of money unexpectedly! ;p

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