My first ‘suaku’ trip to Jurong East Swimming Complex @ Lakeside

Jun 15, 11 My first ‘suaku’ trip to Jurong East Swimming Complex @ Lakeside

In the hot tropical weather of Singapore, the only water theme park available is Wild Wild Wet. While they have about 5-6 decent rides, it’s actually not that cheap considering the entry fee plus locker fee etc. But then, its really not too expensive considering it’s privately managed. There used to be Fantasy Island in Sentosa, which was once Asia’s largest water theme  park. Unfortunately a series of fatalities, bad press and low attendance resulted in it’s closure. Those born before the 1990s would definitely remember spending some time there! It was really a marvel!

Amazingly, hidden in the western corner of Singapore lies the Jurong East Swimming Complex! Technically speaking, it’s actually between Chinese Garden MRT and Lakeside MRT, but *shrugs*



At an entry fee of just $2 for adults, you get to play with these amazingly long slides! So basically, there’s 3 slides, 1 lazy river, and 1 wave pool. Very reasonable pricing! Of course, expect it to be crowded on weekends. You need to pay $2 to rent a float, and 40cents to use the lockers. But that’s really chum change for the value you get.

There’s tables and chairs, lots of idling areas and I would say it is pretty spacious! Quite a nice gathering place for families. The only other bad point is that it is at Lakeside, and there is no direct buses there. Walking from the MRT would be the easiest way.

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No matter where you stay in Singapore, even if it is 90 minutes away, you should go visit this place at least once! I can’t believe I took so many years before I did it.

Interestingly, with the Resorts World Singapore, there is actually a new water theme park coming up! The Equarius Water Park is slated for completion by 2012, and it features a 450meter water ride!

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  1. noed resarf /

    Thanks for the read, Fergus. I’ve always known that there was this unique swimming pool in the West but never had a chance to check out the place!

    Your “cover” has certainly increased my desire to visit the place soon, and experience the facilities for myself. Now, if only they could build something similar closer to us!

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