iHerb is the place to get your supplements cheap and fast!

May 18, 11 iHerb is the place to get your supplements cheap and fast!

The internet has changed many things in our lives. One of the biggest change in the last 2-3 years is online shopping!

In the past, people would go to shops to buy CDs, bags, shoes, clothes etc.. But now, CD shops have all but closed in Singapore, since everybody either use online streaming or amazon.com anyway. The blogshop phenomenon has pretty much taken the world by storm, seeing how blogshops are popping up like wild mushrooms! Essentially, anything that does not require you to physically touch can be sold online!

The biggest consequence of this is that retail malls become boring. There is  less  diversity in shop types and almost every shopping mall would only contain clothing outlets or food outlets. Not only that, but the same clothing outlets would be repeated in almost every mall!

iHerb_logo1One of the things I have been buying online for quite a while is nutritional supplements. Things like multi-vitamins, fish oils, probiotics and your standard vitamin Cs are my regular purchases. Places like GNC, Guardian, Watsons are seriously overpriced in terms of these supplements, especially since it is generic and so widely available. I used to get my stuff from other places, but more recently (okay the last 1-2 years), I have been getting from iHerb. One of the reasons initally is that they carry the highest rated Multi-vit, Source Naturals Life Force Multiple, which is still the same one I am taking now. Of course, after trying them out for sometime, I basically shifted all my supplement purchase to iHerb. For now, I regularly buy Omega 3 fishoils, Probiotics (since our diets consists of a lot of processed food nowadays), and vitamin C once in a while. The other good news is that shipping to Singapore can be as low as US$4 for orders below US$80. Pretty decent in my opinion. For those with bigger orders, they use the usual international shippers and the goods can reach as fast as 3-4 working days.

One of the main reasons why I am mentioning about them here is that for first time customers to iHerb, they are having a US$5 discount off the first shipment if you enter in my referral code, GUS932. So do consider giving them a try. For those already taking nutritional supplements, what’s there to lose?




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