Getai facination

Aug 24, 10 Getai facination

Chinese culture has always been one full of glamour, colour and vividness. Just take a look at Lunar New Year celebrations, Mid Autumn festival, Hungry Ghost month, and even simple things like Wedding banquets.

There’s always lots of colours, bright lights, massive crowds, and tons of noise. In all, a sense of bustling joyous activity.

Being the hungry ghost month currently, there are actually 5-10 ‘getais’ happening daily around Singapore. You would probably need to buy the chinese newspapers to get the schedule and location though. These ‘getais’ or literally, song stage, are a form of free performances done for the ‘brothers and sisters’ who are released from the spirit realm during the hungry ghost month. But that said, it is always packed with people too!

Recently I have a sudden craving for these performances. The friendly banter among the emcees, the dances and hokkien songs, the bright lights and ¬†the large bustling crowds ¬†somehow create a kind of atmosphere that’s different from say a music festival organised for the young adult crowd.

Don’t understand? Just watch below.

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