Chill out at the historical town of Melaka Day 3

Oct 08, 13 Chill out at the historical town of Melaka Day 3

Day 3 is a fairly chill day, since we had to go to JB City Square by 5pm to settle some admin stuff, thus we had a quick lunch with some Melaka friends before making the journey back to Singapore.

Day 3 itinerary:

  • Lunch @ Hatten Hotel
  • Travel from Melaka to Singapore
  • Shop @ JB City Square
  • Dinner @ JB Warakuya

Lunch was at Hatten Hotel’s restaurant, Chatterz. This is the same place as where the buffet breakfast is at. Amazingly, they have buffet breakfast, semi-buffet lunch and steamboat buffet dinner. In between, they literally have to change the entire set up for the restaurant, due to the electrical appliances required for the various model. I’ll leave you with just the pictures.

ChatterzBuffetOverall, Hatten Hotel is a pretty nice place. I’m sure it’s quite pricey compared to most accomodations in Melaka. But as compared to city pricing such as KL, Singapore or JB, it’s fairly affordable.

Views are fantastic all around, simply because Hatten Hotel is so big that it sticks out as compared to the low lying estates around in Melaka.

Food is rather decent. Not exactly Melaka cuisine, but it suits the tastebuds of most people I would imagine. Melaka cuisine can be found all round though, together with other tourist memorabilia.

Coming to Melaka would mostly be a family affair, given the lack of party or other sort of shopping stuff. Massages are decently cheap, and probably what most adults would go for here, after a long walk around town.


After that, it was a long drive back to Singapore. We made a pitstop at JB City Square first, since we had to get some errands done. JB is still a Singaporean shopping paradise, simply because of the distance, and how prices are almost half priced compared to Singapore. I went for a Thai massage at Thai Odyssey, which is one of the more popular place in JB, and it costs RM169 (or S$70) for 2 hours. Comparatively, doing it in Singapore in a semi-popular place would already be $120. Of course, there are decent 1 outlet places in Singapore that can do a 2 hour massage for $80. The problem is you tend to get more misses than hits.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter running the errands, we went to Pelangi area for some fantastic Jap food. Apparently there is a row of shop houses in the area where you can find around 4-5 Japanese restaurants. The one we wanted to go was closed on Mondays, so we went to Warakuya instead.

It was a fairly small restaurant, perhaps sitting 20 people or so. Even at 8pm, we had to wait for our seats. Once heading in, it had a very authentic Japanese feel to it. Maybe it’s the furnishing, maybe it’s the bald Japanese looking chefs behind the sushi bar.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANonetheless, the food was pretty decent. Salmon sashimi slices were nicely thick. Food was well prepared and prices were actually very reasonable. The only concern I had was, I’m quite a big eater, and the portions are small! (As with all fine dining type of restaurants though.)

I would probably consider coming back again. The only problem is that you probably need a car to get here.

My Malaysian friends are also telling me that there are a lot of other good food near the area, like San Low Seafood Restaurant. Any other good food places in JB to recommend?

Warakuya Collage

And that marks the end of the short 3 day Melaka trip weekend! To me, Melaka is really a place to just rest and relax. It’s not a shopping destination, not a beach destination, or even a party/havoc type of place. It’s really a family destination where you bring your kids to show them the cultural and historical landmarks. Other than that, it’s probably the cheap massage.

On a side note, I have always told people that when you buy mooncakes, you really buy the packaging, and not the mooncakes. This is proof of fact.



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