Are Singaporeans selfish self-centered (ie, kiasu and kiasee) people?

Social experiments are quite a funny thing. On 1 hand, people may feel cheated when they find out they were involuntarily part of a social experiment. On the other hand, it exposes us to the good(or bad) nature of humans when we are unaware of the experiment..

A group of 4 girls decided to do a social experiment 1 day, inspired by a movie, Living Without Money, which talks about how a woman who decided to stop using money and to live a life based on exchanging favours. The question was, can it be done in Singapore? Singapore is always known to be a place full of apathetic, jaded people. Particularly so after the numerous charity fiascos like Joachim KangNKFRen Ci, and potentially a City Havest Church one. People suddenly became very tight with the purse when it came to random people coming up to them on the streets to ask for donation for <insert name here> charity.

So the plan was to go out to food places, and try to get a meal without paying for it. They tried it out on 4 different types of establishments and well, it’s interesting how people reacted. Enough said. Read more at their blog!

For 1, I don’t think I have the courage to go out and ask people for food.

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