Fergus1Er hello you!! I’m Fergus, nice to meet you! And I hope to hear from you too!

So this is my personal blog. A place where I rant, verbalise, share. I’ve been here and abouts for quite a while.. Actually got this domain since 2003! Man… I’m starting to feel old already! The blog part of it though, seems to be as fickle as the winds. I guess blogging is easier when the inspiration is around!

Who am I?

Fergus3Just your typical 80s kid. Life has been all rosy in my childhood days. Lived in the same neighbourhood for 20 years, played with my little sister and my cousins. Life was worry free and lots of fun! Of course, growing up happened.

Took the path most travelled, doing the JC then local university then it’s out to the working world!

As most would know, banking & finance is one of the more lucrative industry in Singapore, and that’s where I went! After a while, I got curious, and in to the business world I jumped.

Since then, I have been starting and running several businesses, ranging from retail F&B, IT, marketing, business consultancy and even property sales.

Life was great.
Life is still great.
And the adventure continues!


Fergus2I guess this sort of stems from my childhood teachings. My father has always practiced the hands off approach. I’m free to explore, free to see and touch, but if I break something, or do something bad, the penalty sets in. As such, I guess that inculcates kind of a exploratory mindset. I absolutely love learning new stuff. I love fiddling with gadgets and I love trying new things.

As much as some people might say ‘itchy backside’, to me, as long as you don’t hurt others or do anything you regret too much, by all means, go forth and explore!

Challenging accepted norms is also one of the way of life I adopt. Most people do things, because it’s ‘always been done that way’, or that they are afraid of offending people, or that they just want to go with the flow. For me, I just love questioning things.

– Who said you gotta work a fixed hour job?
– Who said you gotta follow the typical study,work,settle down,retire routine?
– Who said you gotta use the latest smart phone just because everybody is using ?

Why am I here?

Besides the fact that it’s my blog?

Social media, self expression, and peer learning has become a big part of the culture. Discussions happen freely over internet. The traditional mindset of a ‘teacher-student’ relationship has all but changed. Nowadays, blogs are a way of expression. It is a way for people to express themselves, either in appreciating something, in venting frustrations or just purely sharing thoughts.

Nobody can know everything in the world. In one way, I hope to be able to use this as a way to share, to pass experience or information to others. At the same time, I hope to be able to learn from others.

Fergus4One of the things happening in the internet now is the nameless critics. People hide behind a persona or the veil of anonymity in order to criticise. For all you know, they are just a tool in a bigger ploy. That 10 anonymous people that’s arguing with each other could simply be just 1 person. As you can see from my title, “Speak freely, speak responsibly“, I hope to put a face to my name, just as I hope others to put a face to theirs.

There is a relatively liberal freedom of speech in the world today, but speak responsibly. Put your weight of your character behind the words that you say.

Generally, this blog is going to be a collection of things close to my heart. Being a typical Singaporean, food and travel makes it up there! Being a prudent investor, personal finance and macro economic policies are not far behind!

I also hope to be able to perpetuate positive energy! Too much hate and envy in the world. More love please!